Masina automata XLi EDGE - the best in town !!!
XLi EDGE - Distributor with New EDGE Performance Cam
XLi EDGE - Pin Distributor
XLi EDGE - Durabin
XLi EDGE - Distributor with New EDGE Performance Cam
XLi EDGE - Inside of the EDGE Performance Lift

With its cutting edge design, the XLi EDGE is the only pinspotter that makes it easier to do business in today's challenging environment. Choosing this bowling machine you save on labor, parts and energy costs, resulting in more money to focus on marketing your business or adding to your bottom line. Your pinspotter staff will have more time to add value to other areas of your facility and business. Finally, with the XLi EDGE it's easier for your customers to enjoy the game because it is the quietest, fastest and most reliable pinspotter providing a better experience.The most advanced pinspotter ever, the XLi EDGE delivers what others can't:

Easier for You
This bowling machine is the most cost-effective to operate, so you have more money to focus on marketing your business or add to your bottom line.

Exclusive Patented EDGE Performance Lift and Cam
Delivers the best FPS (frames-per-stop) performance in the industry and saves you money because you need less staff to operate.
Exclusive Durabin
Unlike other bowling machines stores pins so they don't continuously cycle through the machine. With no sharp surfaces or metal that could damage pins, you save money because pins last longer.

Exclusive Energy-Efficient Electronics and Automatic Shutdown
Conserves electricity, keeping your operating costs down so you save money.Exclusive Fewer Wear Parts
You spend less annually on replacement parts to maintain the machines.

Easier for Your Staff
It's the easiest and safest pinspotter for your staff to learn, operate and maintain.
Exclusive EDGE Video Training Tool
Makes learning the critical bowling machine adjustments easy for technicians you won't find it anywhere else.

Exclusive Fewest Critical Adjustments
There are fewer things technicians need to learn and to maintain. Maintenance is quicker and staff time can be used for other areas of the business.

Exclusive Open & Modular Design
The low profile, modular design of the XLi EDGE is open and easy to work on making it efficient for technicians to do their job.

Exclusive Keeps Staff Informed
Front desk staff and technicians are automatically notified of any interruption in bowler play of bowling machine and can respond quickly to any issues that may occur. With system generated reporting, managers and technicians have accurate data to better understand and improve maintenance effectiveness and lower operating costs.

Easier for Your Customers
It's the quietest, fastest and most reliable pinspotter on the market, and keeps customers informed on any interruptions providing a better experience.

Exclusive Quietest Operation
The quietest pinspotter on the market. our customers don't hear the bowling machines running, making for a more pleasant environment in your center.

Exclusive Keeps Customers Informed*
If a problem occurs during play, customers are advised on the scoring monitor, updated as the technician addresses the issue, and notified when it's okay to bowl again. Keeping your customers informed makes for a better experience.

Exclusive Unmatched Reliability
With the exclusive Gripper Ball Return, the fastest strike cycle and the best FPS (frames per stop) performance in the industry, your customers are not kept waiting for the pinspotter to set pins or for their balls to be returned. Give your bowling business the EDGE it needs
With the new XLi EDGE, business just got easier. And your business prospects have never looked brighter.

XLi EDGE - Masina automata pentru pozitionarea popicelor. Cea mai buna si rapida din piata. Folosita in Bowling World CUP.

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