Themed BIRTHDAY party program
Birthday Animation with Oceano Environment
Birthday Party Package
Birthday Party Package
evite invitation template
evite invitation template
evite invitation template
evite invitation template
evite invitation template
evite invitation template

Your birthday party business is an important part of promoting your center, encouraging lucrative open play, and cultivating a legion of new, soon-to-be very loyal bowlers. The good news is that QubicaAMF's Themed Birthday Party Program is unlike any other on the market. The first of its kind, our Themed Birthday Party Program has been proven to boost this business segment by 50% or more, and attract new open play customers. And now, with custom invitation templates on EVITE , it's never been easier for your customers to plan their bowling birthday party in your center!

Exclusively from QubicaAMF:

Exciting On-Lane Birthday Themes
From Oceano to Fairy Tales to Prehistorica, our Themed Birthday Party Program ties into the animated themedBES scoring environments kids love, parents talk about, and you'll cash in on. From the table decorations to the monitors to the take-home Fun Boxes, you can create a unique experience that they can't get anywhere else.

NEW! Exclusive Custom EVITE Invitations
Make it less stressful for your customers to plan their child's birthday party in your center with custom EVITE invitations. No more paper lists, no more phone calls, no more missed RSVP's. They can even get shoe sizes and food choices in advance. Best of all the invitations coordinate with the BES environments, so the experience begins well before the party even starts!

Fun Boxes for Kids
Cultivate a crop of future bowlers with the thrilling take-home characters via a Fun Box which includes an interactive CD and a Free Game Coupon, reminding them to come back to your center again.

A Complete In-Center Marketing Kit
Colorful posters, promotional buttons, direct mail and email templates, table tents, and more make it simple to promote your exciting birthday party offering and set your center apart.

Full Website Tie-In
Wow your customers by linking Themed Birthday Party Program imagery and functionality to your existing site.

Party Supplies
QubicaAMF gives you everything you need to please kids and parents alike, including tableware, name tags, balloons, even a Parent Survival Guide.

Seamless System Integration
Our Themed Birthday Solution is designed to work easily with Bowler Entertainment System (BES) for uninterrupted fun and profit. Marketing Training and Support
QubicaAMF provides full in-center training and support from an experienced Marketing Specialist, a complete procedures manual, Party Host Success Training Guide, checklists and more to ensure you and your staff make the most and players get the most, out of this innovative product. Celebrate More Profitable Days with our Themed Birthday Party Program
Happy kids. Impressed parents. An unbelievable buzz in your center that adds up to more revenues and long-term success. Don't let another year go by without the Themed Birthday Party Program from QubicaAMF.

Birthday Party Program

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