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SPL Lanes
SPL Lanes
SPL Lanes
SPL Lanes with Profile Ball Returns and Smile Arch Consoles

After about 20 years, old, wooden lanes can start to present real problems for a bowling center. First, they simply look bad, with feathering, oil soaking, ball dents, broken boards and more. Between re-surfacing, coating and patching, maintenance costs soar. Plus, as they become thinner they lose their structural integrity.

And first generation synthetic lanes present their own set of issues. In addition to looking old and worn out, it’s costly to replace or repair cracked lane panels. The worn out lane surface doesn’t hold oil patterns well and the textured approaches create inconsistent lane conditions—having a negative impact on scoring performance.
SPL II lanes from QubicaAMF solve many of today’s most critical bowling center needs—
The world's most durable lane system
SPL II lanes last longer and cost less to own, leaving you with more money to drive your business.Exclusive New Phenolic Material Formulation
Unique to SPL II, it provides better impact resistance and durabilityExclusive Overlap Pin Deck
Now, the pin deck can't shift position over time and become damaged from balls and pins.Exclusive Lane Replacement Process
The QubicaAMF replacement process maximizes structural integrity in the worst areas of the old lane, and provides the best surface on which to install new synthetic lanes.Best Panel Configuration
With SPL II, there are no joints in the ball impact zone or bowler slide area—for a longer lasting, more trouble-free lane.The best surface for scoring
Because oil patterns last longer with SPL II, bowling conditions are more consistent, leading to higher scores, happier bowlers and more business.Exclusive Highest Surface Energy
An exclusive Brush Finish surface holds oil patterns better than anything else on the market.Exclusive Highest Friction Lane Surface
Balls react better on the SPL II lane surface, leading to better scores and more satisfied players.Exclusive UltraSlide Textured Approach
The surface roughness of UltraSlide makes for better sliding and fewer issues with sticky approaches.The best looking synthetic lane available
The rich authentic maple wood look and sleek Glow Track effect of SPL II Lanes will make your center more attractive to today’s consumers.Warm maple wood appearance
Mimicking real wood, SPL II lanes give your whole center a clean, rich, high-end look.Glow Track effect
Creates visual interest for casual bowlers, provides guidance to help them bowl better and complements the lane lighting effects of today bowling businesses.Discover the most durable high performance bowling lane
The best looking synthetic lane. The most consistent scoring synthetic lane. And, the most durable lane available. SPL II lanes cost less to own, giving you peace of mind and more money to grow your business.

Linii bowling sintetice, QubicaAMF SPL II.

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