KEGEL  FLEX Lane Machine

FLEX is Kegel's most sophisticated and technologically advanced lane machine. Its modern design makes a bold statement, and the new DUO conditioning system under the lid backs it up. This DUO conditioning system combines Sanction® Technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the first lane machine to give you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center. Use one conditioner, two conditioners, or even mix compatible conditioners in one pass!

What if you use Fire lane conditioner for your house pattern, but your bowlers want to practice on Ice for an upcoming tournament?
What if you want to use a high performance lane conditioner for your competitive bowlers, but switch to a different conditioner for open play?
Easily customize the bowling experience for your customers and open new doors with the FLEX. Welcome to the FLEX Generation.
FLEX Features
FLEX Conditioning System
DUO conditioning system

Two oil pumps
Two conditioner cartridges

DUO transfer system

Enhances the smoothness of the pattern
Residual oil burns out quickly for easy pattern changes

Two pre-filled/refillable conditioner cartridges - allowsfor separate conditioner on forward and reverse oiling
Ability to use two compatible lane conditioners in one pass
Per load adjustable microliter streams per for more control within each pattern
FLEX Oil Patterns
FLEX Cleaning System
Quick change squeegee assembly allows you to easily change the blades in a fraction of the time
Change the cleaning solution output percentage from inside the oil pattern to the back-ends for each pattern or for all
Proven Sprayless Cleaning System
Easily monitor and adjust cleaner output as desired
FLEX Drive System
Dual Drive System for better tracking
Patented six drive speeds for best taper control
Independent adjustable cleaning speeds
LED arrow for better operator positioning
FLEX Touchscreen & PLC
Full color 5” touchscreen
Three program choices for both AM and PM
Stores 30 programs on board
Test input/output menu option
Detailed error messages with help screens
FLEX Batteries
Single lightweight battery
External battery charger
Three battery options based on number of lanesconditioned per day
Zero Turn Radius lane-to-lane walking function
Auto-aligning lane whiskers
Smart processor auto-align memory
Object detection
Automatic burn pair
FLEX Warranty: Receive an 18 month warranty (excluding wear items) with an additional 18 month bonus warranty if you agree to only use Kegel lane maintenance products in your machine.
FLEX Conditioner Cartridges
Easily insert our new pre-filled Fire & Ice conditioner cartridges with no spills and no mess or use our refillable cartridges with your other favorite KEGEL lane conditioners.
FLEX Upgrades
FLEX Cleaner Mixing System*Simply select your ratio and let the FLEX mix your cleaner for you with precision and ease. Utilizing one cleaner tank and one water tank, the FLEX eliminates the need to measure out your cleaner.
FLEX Variable Buffer Speed*Select from a range of buffer motor speeds to customize your machine. Assign four presets for more control of your front to back taper.
*Available as a factory upgrade (must be installed at time of purchase)

KOSI PRO FLEX software is like having a team of lane maintenance pros at your fingertips: pattern designer, customer support representative, lane maintenance trainer, and technician. KOSI PRO FLEX is designed specifically for the FLEX Lane Machine and will come on your free new 2GB KEGEL KEY thumb drive along with more helpful and useful information.

KEGEL Lane Machine

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