Lanes can create major excitement, attracting and keeping players coming back for more fun. With the new Harmony Color Options, you can choose from five exciting lane color, plus two glow patterns, or mix them in your center for added uniqueness.Only MAD Lanes with the vibrant Harmony Color Options are designed to complement your Harmony furniture, ball return and masking graphics to provide a coordinated look across your entire center.

Enjoy Exceptional Durability

No Joint in Ball Impact Zone so the first joint in a MAD Lane is out of the normal ball impact zone

Exclusive Overlap Pin Deck prevents shifting and lane panel damage

Watch Your Bowlers Deliver a Great Performance
Distinguishable Board Line Pattern help bowlers aim and target better so they knock down more pins

MAD Textured Approach replicates closely the characteristics of a real wooden approach, reducing sticking and ensuring a better experience for your bowlers

Seamless Bowler Slide Area on the MAD Textured Approach, so there is nothing to disrupt or trip the bowler, or show unsightly wear over time

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