Masini reconditionate certificate de fabrica ( AMF SUA )
Positive Ball Lift with Gripper System
Rebuilt Distributor
New Front End XL Components and Fresh Wiring
Top Quality Genuine Back End

You want a brand new pinspotter from the world's undisputed bowling expert. But your budget may say otherwise. Have you considered our XLi Factory Reconditioned and 90XL Factory Certified Pinspotter offerings?

XLI Refurbished

Would you like to have XLi technology but at a lower price point? The next best thing to operating a brand new XLi pinspotter in your center is operating one of our high quality XLi Factory Reconditioned Pinspotters. We start with only the top quality hand-picked previously owned pinspotters. Then QubicaAMF certified technicians strip the machines down to the frame, clean, inspect, lubricate, and replace all missing and worn items. New XLi components are installed on the machines : motors, gearboxes, chassis, wiring. Finally, they are adjusted and set to factory specs and tested for proper operation.

90XL Factory Certified Select Pinspotter
Our 90XL Factory Certified Select Pinspotters look like new, run like new, and hold their value like new. But they don't cost like new. With the 90XL Factory Certified Select Pinspotter you get the best 90XL pinspotter in the business. We hand select the best previously owned 90XL pinspotters. Our experienced technicians clean the pinspotters, inspect and replace any badly worn or missing parts with genuine QubicaAMF parts. All pinspotters are set to factory original settings and tested thoroughly.

In addition to getting a high quality machine, with our XLi Factory Reconditioned Pinspotters and our 90XL Factory Certified Select Pinspotters you get:
World-Famous QubicaAMF Support
After your rebuilt pinspotter is installed you'll have full access to all QubicaAMF tech support resources, the best in the business. We'll never leave you stranded.

Solid Warranties
For greater assurance, reconditioned and factory rebuilt XL Pinspotters offer excellent limited warranties.

XLI Factory Refurbished Pinspotters

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