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EZ Touch
EZ Touch
EZ Touch
EZ Touch

Do you own or manage a smaller center and find yourself doing the lanes by hand? Perhaps you use outdated equipment that doesn't clean properly, or apply enough oil for today's bowling balls?

Now there's a better choice : EZ Touch from QubicaAMF. And here's why:

Easiest machine to learn and operate

EZ Touch is super easy to learn and run. So you won't have to spend money on a dedicated lane maintenance technician or head mechanic.A NEW touch interface makes the machine incredibly simple to operate for any skill level.
Preprogramming eliminates the time and trouble of changing lane oil patterns. You just push a button.
A lightweight design. EZ Touch is the lightest machine on the market today. Anyone can lift and maneuver it.
Far less expensive to purchase and maintain
EZ Touch is a very economical solution with a low total cost of ownership. And it also saves labor costs by automating what you might be doing by hand or less efficiently now.
Low purchase price. EZ Touch is half as expensive as the nearest competitive machine.
No installation is required. So there are no upfront fees.
No cleaning cloth is required, saving you thousands of dollars over the years.
Fewer adjustments and fewer parts mean less maintenance.
All-in-one convenience
EZ Touch has everything you need to take care of your lanes and all types of bowlers. It protects one of your biggest investments as well as machines costing three times as much.
Patterns for any bowler. EZ Touch lets you condition your lanes for recreational, league and tournament players. It also has a cleaning-only mode.
High output allows EZ to touch to apply over 100 units (30 ml) for maximum lane protection under the most demanding conditions.
Multiple pass capabilities let this versatile machine lay down up to four coats of oil for superior control and lane protection.
High speed. It only takes a minute for EZ Touch to clean and oil a lane.
High scoring. Easy Touch is preprogrammed with the highest scoring USBC/WTBA legal programs available.
And the best part? EZ Touch is guaranteed by QubicaAMF, the market leader. So you know you'll be getting a machine that will last for years, and keep your lanes in the best possible shape. So, how do they compare? See for yourself. QubicaAMF EZTouch beat out the competition in almost every category. Finally, a lane machine built with the center's needs in mind. What's holding you back?
And, the best part is that is built and guaranteed by QubicaAMF, the world's leading bowling products innovator.See for yourself.

Masina automata pentru linii bowling EZ Touch

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